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January 1st, 2002 hit our smaller communities with a big bang. Shock waves heard for miles, as the media assisted our small group, who's mission was to prevent childhood sexual abuse and incest. By sharing the founders own story of rape and incest as a very young child. Our charity name was "SAVE THE CHILDREN, STOP SEXUAL ABUSE".  With a settlement from a drunk driving accident in 1996, the founder got her family and friends involved to break the silence barrier, and start the journey. The founders own grandmother, was the first person to support the charity with a donation of $20.00. This was a catalyst for a very special bond, and venue for healing amongst the family members, by supporting the dream of the founder. Family has been the most important blessing, and asset to this cause. People came slowly and were very supportive in their own way, but still  emotionally unable to jump and down and shout out how they really felt. Our First hwy billboard was put up by Tania's husband, brother, and brother in law in Webbwood, where the group originated and quickly spread throughout northern Ontario from Sault Ste Marie to North Bay, Manitoulin Island to Timmins. The first TV commercial in the history of Canada on childhood sexual abuse and incest, in English, French, and Ojibway was seen by millions and is still in the minds of survivors of everywhere. Radio commercials, public events, door to door campaigns, speaking engagements, court rallies, and public marches were participated by thousands. Local heroes everywhere spoke up and continue to today to support each other. Our logo symbolizes Every CHILD has the RIGHT, to SWEET DREAMS!!!

2003 in Blind River while attending the court case for 5 local heroes. A judge came out to ask the founder why she was rallying/praying for the victims. She told her, not knowing she was the judge in the case, that as a victim of childhood sexual abuse and incest you are all alone, but as an adult survivor who is up against a system that seems to perpetuate the rights of the pedophiles, we are no longer alone.1 hr later the defense lawyer asked Mrs. VanNorman for her card, and told her that the Judge has just ordered his client upon conviction to donate $1,000. to the charity. When you drive through Blind River & Missaugee First Nation there are 2 signs adjacent to each other that read, "Sponsored by local convicted pedophile, the court system, and the courage of 5 survivors!!" 

2005, Healers and Elders from the First Nations across the Northshore bestowed the greatest honor upon the founder with a pure white Eagle feather at a gathering in Elliot Lake at camp Thompson. For her continues work with aboriginal members, youth, families, and her devotion to the victims/survivors of childhood sexual abuse and incest. It is the admiration, ability to learn from the native healing techniques like cedar baths, healing circles, and retreats, that we are able to reach out and offer assistance to our fellow victims. However, our goals are still prevention, to break the cycle of domestic violence.

2005, Save The Children the Canadian Chapter sued us, for fear donors would donate to the wrong charity. Our budget for past 9 yrs has been approximately $75,000.00, theirs was $790,000,000. US dollars But two incredible lawyers/men named Scott Miller and Audet Sylvain from the MBM Law firm in Ottawa were angels and offered to handle the case pro bono (which cost them $100,000.), after reading our story of a David & Goliath charities lawsuit in the Ottawa Citizen. The name “PROTECT OUR CHILDREN, STOP SEXUAL ABUSE”, was innovated.

2006, Revenue Canada deemed our charity and founder to political, due to court rallies, and public displays of vocalization about how much our Justice System Stinks, the founder argued that it was Freedom of Speech and personal, but as most who have taken on the government, often find out, they win. The agent could not understand how the founder could use so much of her own money to fund such activities also. What the government doesn’t understand, is sometimes what people want, you can’t buy. Healthy and happy children are priceless.

2007, We changed our name to SECRETS “PROTECT OUR CHILDREN, STOP SEXUAL ABUSE” and incorporated as a not for profit. 2007, the founder received the Unsung Hero Award for her advocacy work from the Sudbury & Manitoulin Women’s Centre, YMCA, the Government. The founder dedicated this award to all the local heroes who have touched her heart and for the countless hours of sacrifice of hundreds of volunteers.

2009, We had the pleasure of participating with Neegoni and NorthShore healers to assist in a retreat for young women across northern Ontario. The experience was phenomenal and overwhelming. The creator opened our eyes to so many miracles, and so much healing. Now there is such a strong bond between so many families, communities, and spiritual leaders/healers.

2010, Our office opened up in Sudbury on Larch Street, with the help of the most incredible landlords, the Dopson Family who’s business expertise and family dedication to community service inspires us all. Business’s courses through Learning Initiatives and personal growth have inspired new directors and forged a new voice for the future of our cause.

2011 is our 10th year of our charitable work within 21 communities and all First Nations across the Northshore and Hwy 17, Hwy 6, Hwy 108, and Hwy 144. Our charity has survived on donations of money, angel bears, gas, food, and shelter from caring individuals, businesses (especially our Accountant who works pro bono also), unions, and organizations like the Lions Club, Knights of Columbus, Ladies of the Royal Purple, Forresters, and Faternal Order of the Elks. Our greatest resource is our people, their skills, their time, and their hearts!! Our goal is to continue with more progress.

Welcome to our Charity

In 9 yrs, the founder has had 57 youth live in her own home. All of whom we are very proud of, but do to safety of her own young family, and the feelings of letting some youth down, do to monetary restraints and safety issues, the dream evolved to open up our Rainbow Youth Shelter, a home/a place of healing for our forgotten youth. We need money to purchase the materials, but the labor is going to be donated. Blood, sweat, skills, talents, and tears of joy when we complete our building.

Welcome to our Charity


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