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We are a small charity doing amazing things, for incredible people.  However, it is because of the generosity of so many throughout the years that have allowed us to continue this incredible journey.  We are a charity built on penny by penny.  Change for Change!! 

Every penny is a voice, and it is because of people like you who reach out and share our dream, that we have continued to be voice for our children. Past victims/future survivors, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Thank you for finding it in your heart to support us again and again, and for being an answer to a prayer!!



The donation of teddy bears, wood, propane, supplies, gas, food, clothing, shelter, skills, or monetary donations are greatly appreciated.

With the power of our creator, and people all over the world whose paths we have crossed, we have been able to help as many people as possible, and vise versa, they have helped us with a smile, kind word of encouragement, a hug, healing circles, cedar baths, posters, poems, t-shirts, signs, love & friendship. People helping People.

People helping People

With the help of incredible individuals like:

Dr. James Grassby

Mr. Grant Eccleston & Priority Safety

 Jeanne & Jacques Leclerc

Earla Thellend

James Hallock

Allan Kain

Chantal Gladu

Lynn O'Farrel Howie

Louise Portelance

Violet McGregor

Shelley Badgerow

Mike, Calvin, Cheslea-Michaela VanNorman


Passionate but anonymous donors, & other incredible family and friends.



 Social organizations like:

The Lions Clubs

 Knights of Columbus,

Royal Order of Purple

Forresters of Sudbury

MacIssaic Industries

Day Construction


Rainbow Concrete


Kelly Lake Builders

Sandy at Domtar

E.B. Eddy

United Way of Toronto

Falconbridge Ltd.

Price Choppers

 Malka at Ganz


Bob at No Frills in Elliot Lake

 Luc at Foodland Elliot Lake

Jim & Debbie at Andy's in Wiki

 Laurentian University book Store

 Pinehill Lumber

Harry West at Home Hardware

Mr. Wohlgemuth at Massey Home Hardware

Gilles at Poiriers

Gas Bar in Spanish

Stewarts Store

Sault Ste. Marie Border Officers

 Espanola United Church

Union Members at Domtar



A special thank you to:

Mr. Edward Jakubo & Staff

The Northshore Healers

Rene and Sandra Guite

Leona Jacobs of the Rainbow Healing Lodge

Donna Nagle

Joyce Dillen

Gloria McGregor

Isabelle Meawasigee

Blaine Commanda

Noella Bernard


Kelly Jefford

Alex Day

Men from the Garden River First Nation Healing Center

Zoe Brooks of Nurtural Horse

Arlene Philips

Toppers Pizza

The staff at Kings Buffet in Sudbury

Mayors & Council's of Sault Ste Marie, Sudbury, North Bay

 The incredible media personalities and reporters from MCTV now CTV, Sudbury Star, Ottawa Citizen, Elliot Lake Standard, North Bay Nugget, Sault Star,  Herald and

Midnorth Monitor

 Facebook for helping us with our cause and over 500 articles

Mr. Fred Slade

Debbie Vanderveer

 Monica Pearson-Bourdeau

Trish's Temptations

David Ayre

June Lowry

Trevor Tilson

Moose FM CKNR 94.1

Bill & Barbara Belan

Espanola United Church

Canadian Tire Stores from Sault Ste Marie, North Bay, Timmins, New Liskard,

Elliot Lake, Espanola, & Sudbury


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